I have asked my clients for feedback and I am happy to share their comments with you.

Pilates retreats and classes

Sarah's retreats are great! she used to work in the music business organising tours so everything is really well worked out for and she is hands on when it comes to the details of the trip. Nothing is too difficult for her to organise for the students - The atmosphere during the retreat is light and friendly and the classes are small so you are in effect almost getting a one-on-one lesson. I went to the Lake District retreat in May 2008 and enjoyed every moment of it. Sarah is bubbly and friendly and extremely professional giving us first class pilates instruction. I've been doing Pilates for 15 years and was very impressed, I'm still walking and standing straighter since I left!

I found out about a Pilates retreat in the Lake District run by Sarah Rosenfield on the internet. I must admit to being slightly nervous at the prospect of spending three days with complete strangers but I had absolutely nothing to worry about. From the first moment I arrived in Lancrigg, I felt at home. Sarah was there to greet us and to lay out the schedule. Day one, I had two Pilates sessions, a wonderful massage from Fleur and a talk by nutritionist Janet Whittington! It was certainly action packed and having totally organic and vegetarian meals served throughout our stay was a real treat! The scenery was stunning, the company excellent and I simply can't wait for the next one!

Duncan Lingard, London

You have a fun plus informative teaching style and the ability to make everyone feel at home as soon as they set foot on this wonderful property. Don't change a thing! Good to know you. I can't wait to try out some of Sarah's other retreats.

Naomi Joseph, London

As soon as I enter Sarah's class, I feel the stresses and strains melt away from my shoulders and back.

Victoria, Cheshire

I have a very stressful job which leaves me with severe pain and tension at the end of a working day. I have tried physiotherapy and a variety of alternative treatments but pilates really allows me to let go.

Tricia, Warwickshire

I went to Majorca on my own and ended up with new friends who I'm regularly in touch with and I'm going back this year.

Linda, South London

Both Sarah and Juliet have been great - compliment each other well on a personal and professional level. La Serrania is a beautiful house - simple and uncluttered which suits it's purpose.

Elspeth, London

Sarah's relaxed and easy style of teaching energises you and works you deeply without even realising it!

David, London

Sarah, thank you very much for all your great energy.

Judy, California

The combination of pilates and massage is really good. The retreat was excellent. Than you both very much.

Amanda, North London

I love your classes and your retreats. You have been so helpful and attentive to my needs.

Annabelle Apsiom, Actress

I have been going to Pilates classes for nearly 6 years - for at least twice a week and often more, so I consider myself to be an advanced student. However it was very illuminating to go back to basics with Sarah at La Serrania and to really focus on specific areas such as my shoulders and to do some really intensive work. La Serrania really does deliver exactly what it says in the brochure and I came away with fresh purpose and some wonderful new friends with whom I know I will keep in touch. And last but not least my stomach has never been so flat, and I have never been so healthy - a Pilates Retreat is a fantastic personal investment which I know will pay dividends.


Sarah's one to one clases and Pilates retreats are unique and make Pilates enjoyable and fun. I have been on two of her retreats and each one was complete bliss and totally relaxing. Sarah has a wonderful teaching tech...

Lisa A

I met Sarah for the first time at the Lake District retreat having been recommended by a good friend. I had moved back from Europe and was struggling to find someone I was happy to work with. Having done Pilates for years in Europe working directly with people who were in the direct "family" tree from Joseph Pilates, I am a Pilates purist, and was very pleased to find a tutor who followed the same strict principles. Sarah is very careful to make sure that you work in safe way but also that you push yourself for that extra improvement. All that and she makes the whole experience enjoyable, light and lots of fun. The retreats are always in the most wonderful locations, in the Lakes we do the pilates in a room where you look directly out onto Lake Windermere, so you watch the sun go down whilst working out. Majorca is just breathtaking. Being a huge lover of good food and wine, you are always rewarded for the hard work with tasty, well presented meals, and good vibrant dinner conversations. As if that wasn’t enough, the way Sarah combines the retreat with massage (actively working with the masseuse to hit the right zones) and make a step changes in your flexibility and stamina mean that it is such a wonderful way to take a few days out of your daily routine. I would definately recommend working with Sarah, either on a one to one or by attending one of the inspirational retreats....she is a real treasure

Hashida, London

This is now the 3rd Pilates retreat that I have done with Sarah and, once again, I had a fabulous time. The combination of demanding but fun Pilates sessions together with delicious food in a beautiful setting makes for a great few days. I will definitely be booking again. I loved Miller Howe, in the Lake District!

Rachel, London

Thank you so much for all you've done for me in my pregnancy so far and especially last week after being diagnosed wtih pelvic girdle pain. I've seen a physio and osteopath but it was you who showed me how to adapt so that I could stay as active as possible and gave me my confidence back. With sincerest thanks and lots of love Rx

Rachel S

I have just returned from my second retreat in the Lake District - it was just fab! Sarah makes the classes varied and fun and at the same time ensures that you learn the correct technique for the exercises. The hotel exceeded my expectations; the staff are welcoming and friendly, the rooms are very comfortable, the food is excellent, and the views are fantastic. All this, and a first class massage, too - I can't wait to go back!


Thank YOU so much for last week, it was a really great retreat, what a wonderful hotel with the best location (not to mention the bath!) and food. I feel as if I have just done pilates for the first time (despite taking lessons for several years), I really understood the point of the movements and will endeavour to build on your teaching. Thanks again and I do hope to join you again on another one!

Sue, NW3

Pilates in the office

I do have achy back, knees etc and I feel so much better after the session. Office work, sitting down is not the best for my back, so it's really good to have the opportunity to stretch out during the day. It makes a big difference. Really good for concentration too.

The Pilates classes were a much-welcomed addition to the working week: providing time and space to concentrate on wellness. The meditative nature of the activity also gave me the "head-space" for reflection and relaxation, and brought a calmness to the rest of the day (at least).
Bringing it into the workplace created the nice realisation that wellness and work aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. It also felt like a very caring gesture from the organisation. A gift from our office to the employees who work for them. The only real problem was that my work commitments meant I wasn't able to attend all of the sessions.

I have found the Pilates very beneficial - for both my mental and physical health. One one particularly stressful day at work, it was a real life saver to have the house of Pilates in which to relax and get my thoughts back in order. I then felt able to get on and be productive for the rest of the day. Sarah is excellent and makes it possible for everyone to take part, no matter what their physical mobility may be and it really helps with general aches and pains, which inevitably build up- for us boring office worker types!

I particularly liked this low-impact relaxation exercise at lunchtime in the office. It really complements my regular high-impact exercise outside of the office twice a week. I think Sarah is a great tutor and I should like to continue. Now that the course is over, I am missing it. I thought the classes were amazing and even at the end of my first class, I noticed my posture had changed at my work desk and I also find that I am now much more conscious of my posture when I am walking. After the second class, I had another revelation in terms of exercising muscles in my body, by relaxing the rest of my body. Overall I found it remarkably subtle and effective. Nothing negative to say about it at all.

I thought the Pilates sessions were great and I felt the office commitment to investing in the health and well being of it's staff as a whole was fantastic. I personally found the sessions were very beneficial in terms of my ongoing shoulder and back problems which are often exacerbated by spending long periods of time at my desk. The sessions offered direct pain reduction as well as a general feeling of wellbeing and distressing after a week of work (well, for me anyway).

I really enjoyed the Pilates in the office and at the end of the lunchtime class, I felt like it was a new working day. The investment our company made towards the staff made me more committed to work. It was very useful for both my mental and physical health and I could concentrate much better than before as working in an open plan office can be quite interruptive.

Pilates DVD

I first started Pilates with Sarah whilst working at Anya Hindmarch, we were very fortunate to have private classes twice a week. I immediately took to it like a fish to water however this was all due to Sarah's fantastic fun spirit and her wonderful way of teaching which made it easy to understand and thoroughly enjoyable, it was the best part of my week. I left Anya Hindmarch so my Pilates classes with Sarah were sadly over, I loved Pilates so much that I decided to keep it up and currently attend classes in my Gym. When I heard through Twitter that Sarah had made a DVD I brought it immediately as I thought it would be wonderful to take on holidays with me, it contains all the classic moves and they are talked through in great detail so you know your not doing anything incorrectly and it's great as it feels like you have Sarah in the room with you, I would highly recommend it.

Rewa Mlinaric, London

I got the dvd. I am just watching it through for the first time before trying it out and had to email you - it's brilliant. It's like having you in the room with me. I've tried many Pilates DVDs and teachers since going to your retreat last year and trying Pilates for the first time, but nothing ever seemed quite the same and I've just been reminded why. Nobody has quite lived up to your perfectionist instruction, and I mean that as a compliment! After a very nasty hip flexor injury in January last year and 4 months of pain and limping, your teaching somehow enabled me to stand up on both feet at the same time again - whereas months of physio had failed to do. I'm very much looking forward to working through the dvd. Thanks again!

Michelle, Edinburgh

Love the DVD, it is working well for me! I even did a bit of pilates on the flat bed in Air New Zealand Business Class, by watching the DVD on my small laptop. The other passengers were amazed. Or shocked, or something! In fact, I think that is what those flat-bed seats in business class are designed for, ...... Pilates!!!! Thanks so much Sarah!


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