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Sarah took up Pilates in 1990 when her osteopath advised her it would be the only cure for her muscular own back and neck problems. She had no idea what Pilates was and her friends thought she had taken up with pilots!

How does Pilates help?

Pilates can help people with injuries or aches and pains. By improving posture and core stability and by isolating muscles, Pilates strengthens the body, corrects posture and gives the body strength and an all over toning.

Sarah’s Background to Pilates

Prior to teaching Pilates, Sarah worked in the music business.  From having her own band together, to session work as a singer, Sarah put her expertise into the other side of the Music industry, including Managing Artists, Tour managing Artists and running session nights with musicians, for musicians.  On top of all that, Sarah had her own events company, putting on major events and freelancing in the film industry, including working on the London Film Festival where she organised the seating arrangements for Gala nights and putting on the Sponsored party afterwards.

Following her own back issues and finding pilates for herself, she decided to get extra knowledge of fitness by enrolling and training with the YMCA, focusing on Exercise to Music/ Aqua Aerobics / Anatomy and Physiology and only then did Sarah feel worthy to continue onto Michael King’s Pilates Pilates Matwork Training course. Following that, Sarah continued her IN DEPTH pilates training.

Sarah is a qualified pilates instructor who trained with Michael King and with The Pilates Institute. She has also attended courses with Lolitta San Miguel, Sarah Irwin, Rebecca Leone, Alan Herdman and Kathy Corey. Sarah shares her extensive experience by teaching in a way that will help other people with their own personal back pain, or with physio referrals. Sarah brought Rebecca Leone (the Pilates NUN) to London where she ran developmental workshops for teachers and 2 weekend courses for other Pilates teachers to attend. Sarah also worked with Dr Bruce Crawford, bringing him over to the UK to share his Pfilates knowledge to Pilates teachers here in the UK wanting to learn much more about Pelvic floor work.

Sarah’s training

Sarah has trained and attended the following courses and continues to do so:

Pilates is not just a fad

Many people think that Pilates is just following a trend but Pilates has been going since Joseph Pilates invented his own style of exercises for various needs. Pilates exercises have been modified and varied for many reasons. The original exercises are difficult and if not done correctly, can in themselves prevent injuries. If they are modified they are safer for our requirements. German born Joseph Pilates was living in England, working as a circus performer and boxer, when he was placed in forced internment in England at the outbreak of World War One. While in the internment camp, he began to develop the floor exercises that evolved into what we now know as Pilates mat work. Joseph then continued rehabilitaion and then went on to set up his own studio in New York. Originally, Joseph would teach one to one Pilates and the various “Master Teachers” who trained with him worked with him for their own Pilates needs and so began the various Pilates branches and methods created for individuals. And from these branches, everyone has created their own method of Pilates which they think is the right way to teach Pilates. Some teachers are very precious about the way Pilates should be taught, but really the basics are the basics, but the modifications of the Pilates are essential for certain bodies. I get very upset when I now rarely cover a group class. The Pilates technique I see before me is quite shocking. I guess that’s why I set up and run the Pilates retreat or Pilates holiday or even a Pilates workshop. Then at least I can show people how hard the exercises can be when the Pilates technique is accurate. I don’t think Pilates should ever have been taught in a large group. It is virtually impossible for a Pilates teacher to go round a whole large group and correct their posture and Pilates technique, which is of course vital to do doing the Pilates exercises well. I think Joseph Pilates would turn in his grave! But that’s just my opinion. I am a Pilates perfectionist, and my method of Pilates teaching is not for everyone. Do it properly or not at all!


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