Own retreat

How about taking Pilates and Massage on your own holiday?

You select the holiday destination, your own group or family and Sarah will provide the pilates teacher and massage therapist or reflexologist to suit your schedule.

What could be better. If the dates for my Pilates holidays don’t fit your schedule, why not take a group of friends or come with your family for an individually designed Pilates holiday at a better time of your choice.

How do you do that?  With my help!

This is what you need…

Perhaps you want to offer site seeing, walking, shopping trips…  Anything you desire!

Whatever you want, discuss with me and  I can organise your special trip just the way you want it. I will help you to locate the perfect Pilates holiday, Pilates reterat, hen weekend with Pilates and massage? A Pilates Package!

Another great example. If you are a group of 10 girls and one is getting married. Get in touch. What would you like?

Do you already have a house to use for a weekend? I could help you to find and rent a cottage or villa.  With your input,  we can find one that’s appropriate. Tell me what you want to do. Tell me what food you want. Tell me if you want nails/ hair/ make up/ massage and I will organise everything and you won’t have to have your intimate weekend at a large spa, you can have the spa come to you with Pilates of course!

Are you in an office and you need team building? I have just organised a Pilates workshop for Sasol and it went really well. I have also organised a workshop pilates course for Virgin Group.  Such a fun thing to do for an office. This can be on one day or a whole team building weekend with Pilates, massage, Yoga, and any other entertainment you need. Pilates lends itself to these types of working relationships.

Pilates holidays are now THE thing to do but rarely can you self cater to your needs.  NOW YOU CAN!  Contact me for more information about your own Pilates holiday and how it can work for your own specifications and desires.


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