Sarah was one of the first Pilates teachers to offer a Pilates retreat to pilates clients and pilates students. Whether you are a Pilates beginner or a Pilates intermediate student, a pilates holiday will work for you. Since 2002, Sarah’s Pilates retreats have been running successfully around the world. Sarah has continued to keep her unique Pilates holiday one of the best kept Pilates secrets. Many other Pilates teachers have jumped on the Pilates retreat band waggon, but all Pilates teachers run things differently and Sarah has formulated a very wonderful experience and if you read the Pilates testimonials on this Pilates website, they say it all.

If you want to give yourself an opportunity to break out of established patterns and refresh yourself with an inspiring experience that can change the way you see yourself, your work, your purpose, you will love a Pilates retreat. The Pilates holiday is a time to explore creative ideas with thoughtful people in a nourishing environment. With a pilates class in the morning and another Pilates class in the evening with relaxation, meditation at the end of every Pilates class. To top it all – massages with a fully qualified massage therapist. Sarah always brings her own massage therapist along on the Pilates holiday. A massage therapist that understands the body work during the Pilates class and will work on any specific needs to each individual student. With the various Pilates retreat locations, healthy fresh food is served at every meal time. Sarah runs her Pilates retreat in Europe, such as Pilates in Majorca, Spain, Pilates in France, Pilates in the UK, including the very famous and special hotel Miller Howe in the Lake District..

Sarah’s Pilates retreats were included alongside other worldwide retreats, in the book written by Caroline Sylge, entitled Body and Soul Escapes. The book can be found on Amazon. Sarah also features in other press in Europe. In February 2009 Country Living Magazine had a full 2 page feature on Sarah’s retreat at Es-Castell in Majorca, Spain. Sarah has also been featured in various press around the world, including Sunday Times Style Magazine, The Observer Travel section double page feature and in 2008, In 2009 Sarah was on BBC Radio 5 talking about Pilates and Gordon Brown’s connection to Pilates. Sarah continues to write her monthly Pilates newsletter and talk to many journalists whenever necessary about Pilates. If you are a journalist reading this, do feel free to ask me or come along and try a Pilates retreat to write about.

Is a Pilates retreat or Pilates holiday for you?

Yes.. probably. If you want to learn Pilates for the first time, or if you’ve practised Pilates for years you will still enjoy what the pilates holiday has to offer. I modify the Pilates for those who need it and always start with the basics, no matter how much Pilates you have done in the past. There is always something new to learn. If you need harder exercises, you will get them. If you want modified, that’s also taken care of. The Pilates holiday is there for everyone and noone should feel that they cannot keep up or will feel inadequate. Absolutely everyone is catered for. If you are not sure, or have an injury, please ask me and I can discuss. There are rare times when I tell someone to do one to one instead of joining a Pilates class on the Pilates holiday, but do feel free to discuss with me prior to the Pilates trip.

What is the difference between a Pilates holiday and a Pilates retreat?

For my Pilates holiday, absolutely nothing! A Pilates retreat can sometimes be a bit more in the wilderness and more of a detox. I call my Pilates holiday a Pilates holiday or a Pilates retreat because it’s a bit of both! We do have healthy food and we follow the pattern of a retreat, but we don’t detox or share in bunk beds, which SOME retreat centres do. I don’t use retreat centres for my Pilates holiday. I use very luxurious houses or hotels for the Pilates holiday, so that what makes my Pilates holiday a bit special! So the similarities of a Pilates holiday and a Pilates retreat are – wellbeing. Whatever you choose, whether a pilates holiday or a pilates reteat either with me or with someone else, it should still be about your wellbeing. On my Pilates holiday, you will have one main focus and that’s Pilates. In it’s orginal form and modified.

What sort of person goes on the Pilates holiday?

If I’m honest.. mainly women but we welcome men too and couples have always been very comfortable. It usually is a mixture, and the beauty of a small group is that everyone tends to get on really well. More to the point, a lot of people stay in touch with each other after the Pilates holiday and with me too! A lot of people make the Pilates holiday an annual event and it is so nice to see people back again.

I do of course run special Pilates holidays for groups that want a special Pilates holiday at a different time with their friends. I will put together this budget according to your group and what you want, so again if you have a group of friends as me to budget for you.


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