Pilates Classes

Sarah offers a complete range of pilates classes:

One 2 One classes

Individual attention will be given to your particular needs in a screening prior to the session. Then we will look at your physical capability and work on exercises to suit your needs.

Sarah already has many private clients. You may have to be on a waiting list, but not for too long.
Sarah does teach many celebrity clients.

Teaching from her own small studio in North West London, Sarah also uses the Reformer, Matwork, balls, foam rollers and inspiration.

Offices & Groups

Sarah can bring Pilates to your office.

Other offices classes for reference:

The next one could be for you and your colleagues.

Belsize Park Library pilates

currently running fortnightly classes at Belsize Library, Antrim Road NW3. To book your place get in touch with me. Thursday evenings 7.15pm. £10. Bring your mat.


With the world today, Covid 19 has meant that group pilates classes can be scary to some people or to those with immunity issues. I have created group classes online that you can attend.  It’s advisable to do one to one zoom pilates for the first class before attending the group online classes.  In just the same way as with one to one in my studio, I can see you from my giant screen iPad.  I am able to adjust your posture and position you correctly.  It’s almost as good as face to face. Over lockdown, I was giving NHS free pilates zoom classes and so if you work for the NHS, contact me. I continue to offer free zoom classes to NHS.

Pregnancy classes

During pregnancy exercise is a positive way forward and Pilates is an excellent solution for pregnant women who find it difficult to continue regular exercise with confidence. Sarah has been teaching Pilates one to one in a swimming pool recently with her very heavily pregnant client, Simone. Simone was too heavy to want Pilates in her final stages, but the water aided her movement and relieved her aching joints.

Sarah teaches private tuition to those pregnant students who wish to maintain strength, core stability and ease in pregnancy (as much as she can help)! This will include working on the ball and pelvic floor work.

Benefits of Pilates Exercises pre and post natal.

1. Abdominal strength is important to help support the weight of the growing uterus, support and act as a splinter to the spine, and aid childbirth;

2, Stronger, toned abdominal muscles are less lkely to severely separate, and separation will realign quicker in stronger abdominals;

3. Good posture and strong core strength helps to control the amount of pelvic tilt, which naturally occurs as the baby grows/

4.Aids relaxation, improves sleep and increases energy levels;

5. Helps increase circulation, to the mother and fetus, which in turn helps to prevent varicose veins and leg cramps;

6. Reduces back ache by improving posture and strengthening abdominals;

7. Faster postnatal recovery

8. Increases psychological well being, feel good factor, self image and confidence;

9. Increases body awareness, and awareness of the pelvic floor, enhancing hte mother’s ability to relax it and facilitate childbirth

10. Increases venous return

The breathing technique in Pilates helps prepare for labour. Pilates will stabilise joints.

The Pilates exercises are also suitable after labour. Some can be done from the first day after labour! THe movements are flowing and encourage functional strength.

Pilates Workshops

Sarah runs workshops wherever and whenever required. If you are in an office or having a work conference, maybe we can set up a specific Pilates workshop for you. The workshop can be up to 3 hours.

The workshop will include an explanation of Pilates:

The workshop will also include:

They are open to beginners and to more regular attendees of pilates classes who feel that they want to learn more and spend time developing the basic techniques, enabling them to benefit more from the advanced classes.
Exercises can be adapted so you can work within your physical capability and therefore reduce the risk of injury.


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