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June 17, 2014

I met Sarah for the first time at the Lake District retreat having been recommended by a good friend. I had moved back from Europe and was struggling to find someone I was happy to work with. Having done Pilates for years in Europe working directly with people who were in the direct “family” tree from Joseph Pilates, I am a Pilates purist, and was very pleased to find a tutor who followed the same strict principles. Sarah is very careful to make sure that you work in safe way but also that you push yourself for that extra improvement. All that and she makes the whole experience enjoyable, light and lots of fun. The retreats are always in the most wonderful locations, in the Lakes we do the pilates in a room where you look directly out onto Lake Windermere, so you watch the sun go down whilst working out. Majorca is just breathtaking. Being a huge lover of good food and wine, you are always rewarded for the hard work with tasty, well presented meals, and good vibrant dinner conversations. As if that wasn’t enough, the way Sarah combines the retreat with massage (actively working with the masseuse to hit the right zones) and make a step changes in your flexibility and stamina mean that it is such a wonderful way to take a few days out of your daily routine. I would definately recommend working with Sarah, either on a one to one or by attending one of the inspirational retreats….she is a real treasure

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