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November 4, 2019

Sarah’s One to One Pilates class

Sarah’s extensive experience as a Pilates instructor combined with her highly detailed knowledge of musculoskeletal mechanics allows her to identify, address and improve your physical issues. 
She calmly and clearly talks you through client specific exercises, her keen eye spotting any error in execution and correcting using creative analogies that really communicate how to do the exercises to full effect. 
My osteopath recommended Sarah to help with my bad back which was causing me to withdraw from exercise. Within 6 months she had turned my life around. I thought I’d never dance again but Sarah has strengthened my core that I can. It is now more than two years since I started my weekly one to one Pilates sessions with Sarah. I marvel to think how I am always learning something new. She builds on exercises, allowing you to progress with ease from beginner to intermediate. 

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